Our Ability And Advantage

Our Ability And Advantage

① Application Research and Development

◼Our company has complete application and R&D capabilities for the TC and formulation of creation pesticide

◼ The total is nearly 30 of technical solutions and as nearly 300 historical transaction customers

◼ Up to now, more than 20 technical solutions have been newly reserved

② Product Research and Development

◼We has formed the R&D and application research capabilities of innovatived and emulation products, which has been highly recognized by the market

◼ R&D technical products, involving chemical pesticides and biological pesticides, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, safety, green and environmental protection;

◼We continues to invest in product R&D and process optimization, and There is competitive advantages in quality and cost control of technology and products

◼has formed a complete R&D management and organizational system, and the R&D team is loyal and enthusiastic

◼ Keep close relations with many domestic universities and research institutes in R&D direction

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③ Marketing and Resource Builting

◼ The earliest participant in the trade and distribution of domestic pesticide technical products

◼ Market research and analysis model for the chemical and pesticide industry was successfully applied;In-depth research and quantitative analysis of the pesticide technical market; analysis and judgment of the market potential of new pesticide products

◼The ability to promote the innovatived and new pesticide product -------successfully promoted the pesticide cyhalodiamide created by the Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute, and was appraised by the industry as “finding a method for promoting pesticides created in China”;

◼ We can help downstream customers solve just-needed problems and contribute technology and service value to downstream customers;

◼ Can provide partners with competitive high-quality products and services, jointly expand the market and achieve a win-win situation

◼ Support registration in overseas market

◼ "Chinally promotes China Created" as the company's publicity slogan, has been praised by people in the industry