Our Business

Our Business

Hebei Chinally is a professional product developer and market service provider in the pesticide industry, whose operations are divided into the following three segments:

① R&D and promotion of innovatived and emulation products

◼ The key research is green products with lower toxicity, high efficiency and friendliness to"bees, birds, fish, silkworms" and environment

◼ The total is more than 10 innovatived and emulation products on chemical synthesis technology

◼ Multi-product application research

◼ Have layout on chemical and biological pesticides

② Trade Distribution and Service

◼ cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic formulation manufacturers

◼ More than 13 years of experience in market and technical services

◼ Can provide partners with multi-dimensional solutions such as professional product economic and trade services, industry trends and product price mutual assistance and application technical services

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③ International trade

◼is well aware of the demands of foreign markets and customers (especially end users) for solving resistance problems and deep-seated products.Now,We successfully brought the promotion of Chinese plant protection experience and high-quality pesticide products to foreign markets,especially in Vietnam and Cambodia

◼Main products include pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and other agricultural products,Equipped with many sets of advanced production line for TC, SC, WDG, DF,WP, SP, EC, EW,SL, ME, GR, etc..

◼we have exported to many countries around the world including Vietnam,Cambodia,India,Thailand,South America and so on

◼we support register in many countries and regions.