CHINALLY wins exclusive global right for insecticide cyhalodiamide

Chinese agrochemical company Hebei CHINALLY Chemical  recently acquired  exclusive global product right for cyhalodiamide, an insecticide developed by Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute. CHINALLY believes the product will help address the food safety challenge and gain a global acceptance.

Cyhalodiamide belongs to phthaldiamide insecticide family. This active ingredient controls a range of insects including cabbage caterpillar, plutella xylostella, beet armyworm, prodenia litura, and helicoverpa armigera, with particular effect to rice stem borer. According to CHINALLY, cyhalodiamide 95% technical and its formulation product 20% SC are now under registration process for use on rice, cotton, vegetables and fruits, tea and tobacco. The company expects to receive the registration approval early next year. The state patent of cyhalodiamide is also under reviewing.

CHINALLY also prepares to register cyhalodiamide in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and India. The company plans to broaden its agchem channels overseas to boost sales in foreign market, and cyhalodiamide is in its product list of the expand strategy.

About Hebei Chinally

Founded in February 2008,Hebei Chinally Chemical Technology Co.,ltd is a high-tech agricultural service enterprise oriented by market and customer needs.Hebei Chinally is dedicated to the plant protection carrer,to meet market demands and customer difficulties by precise market positioning, unique products and innovative service.we will continue to improve the benefits of partners and farmers with innovative products and technical services.

Main products include pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and other agricultural products,Equipped with many sets of advanced production line for TC(flonicamid,fluopicolide,tembotrione a), SC, WDG, DF,WP, SP, EC, EW,SL, ME, GR, etc..At present, we have exported to many countries around the world including Vietnam,Cambodia,India,Thailand,South America and so on.Hebei Chinally is well aware of the demands of foreign markets and customers (especially end users) for solving resistance problems and deep-seated products.Now,We successfully brought the promotion of Chinese plant protection experience and high-quality pesticide products to foreign markets,especially in Vietnam and Cambodia.At the same time, we support register in many countries and regions.

Post time: May-23-2022