Off-Patent Product Registration Watch in China: Fluopicolide

About fluopicolide

Fluopicolide  is a fungicide developed by Bayer CropSciences. It is currently widely registered for use in vegetables, fruit trees and other crops for downy mildew, blight, late blight and damping-off caused by oomycete fungi, as well as prevention and control of other important diseases. The global sales of fluopicolide in 2016 were 45 million USD. In 2005, Bayer first registered fluopicolide technical and formulation products in China for cucumber downy mildew and tomato late blight. The patent of fluopicolide in China has expired on February 16, 2019.
According to China Pesticide Registration Watch (CPRW), as of October 22, 2020, a total of 22 companies in China have registered 27 fluopicolide products (including technicals and formulations). The following fluopicolide is registration analysis.

Analysis by Product

There are 6 fluopicolide technical registrations in China, and 21 formulation registrations, all of which are mixture product (Table 1).
Table1. Registration of fluopicolide products in China

Product    Name (TC & Formulation) Number Percent
Fluopicolide 6 22.22%
Fluopicolide+propamocarb hydroch 5 18.52%
Fluopicolide+Dimethomorph 4 14.81%
Fluopicolide+Oxine-copper 2 7.41%
Fluopicolide+Cyazofamid 2 7.41%
Pyraclostrobin+Fluopicolide 2 7.41%
Metiram+Fluopicolide 1 3.70%
Fluopicolide+Metalaxyl 1 3.70%
Fluopicolide+Metalaxyl-M 1 3.70%
Fluopicolide+Mancozeb 1 3.70%
Fluopicolide+propamocarb hydrochloride 1 3.70%
Fosetyl-aluminium+Fluopicolide 1 3.70%

Table1. Registration of fluopicolide products in China


Analysis by Formulation type

Table 2. Formulation types of registered fluopicolide products in China

Formulation    Type Number Percent
SC 17 62.96%
TC 6 22.22%
WG 3 11.11%
WP 1 3.70%


Analysis by Crop

Table 3. Registered crops of fluopicolide products in China

Crop Number Percent
cucumber 10 33.33%
potato 7 23.33%
tomato 5 16.67%
grape 4 13.33%
chinese cabbage 1 3.33%
epper 1 3.33%
watermelon 1 3.33%
rosaceae ornamental flower 1 3.33%


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