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Glyphosate is an herbicide. It is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses. The sodium salt form of glyphosate is used to regulate plant growth and ripen specific crops.
Glyphosate was first registered for use in the U.S. in 1974. Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. People apply it in agriculture and forestry, on lawns and gardens, and for weeds in industrial areas. Some products containing glyphosate control aquatic plants.

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How does Glyphosate work?

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth. Glyphosate stops a specific enzyme pathway, the shikimic acid pathway. The shikimic acid pathway is necessary for plants and some microorganisms.

Benefits of Glyphosate

①Agricultural: to control weed growth on fence rows, in storage areas, next to glyphosate-tolerant crops, along irrigation canals, and on fallow or non-producing acreage; for minimum and no-tillage farming practices; to renovate pastures; and to remove ground vegetation from fruit orchards.
②Forestry: to remove ground vegetation of deciduous trees, shrubs, and vegetation from conifer forests and tree planting operations.
③Industrial/commercial: to landscape highways, roadsides, railroad right-of-ways, warehouses, storage areas, public waterways, golf courses, cemeteries, and campus grounds.
④Residential: to eradicate poison ivy, poison oak, vines, and perennial weeds from patios, pavements, driveways, rock gardens, and other locations.Direct Factory Price Glyphosate (7)

How to use glyphosate effectively?

①The important thing to use glyphosate is to select the medication period. When weeds grow vigorously, it is a good time to use drugs before flowering.
②The second is to pay attention to environmental conditions. In the range of 24~25 ℃, the absorption of glyphosate by weeds doubled with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the effect of applying glyphosate in high air temperature was better than that in low air temperature.
③Some herbicides, such as MCPA, paraquat and other quick acting herbicides, cannot be mixed with glyphosate, so as to avoid premature death of some parts of the miscellaneous grassland, lose the internal absorption and conduction function of glyphosate, and reduce the killing effect of glyphosate on the roots of underground weeds.

Recommended mixture formulation

①200 grams of glyphosate +30 grams of MCPA-Na has fast and good effects on broad-leaved weeds and broad-leaved miscellaneous irrigation, especially on Convolvulus convolvulata and Dianthus. It does not affect the control effect on gramineous weeds.
②200 grams of glyphosate +10 grams of Fluoroglycofen can increase the efficiency of purslane and other special effects, as well as general broad-leaved leaves, without affecting the control effect on Gramineae. Suitable for vegetable fields, etc.
③200g glyphosate +20g quizalofop will increase the efficiency of Gramineae, especially for perennial malignant weeds, and will not affect the control effect on broad leaves.

Basic Information

1.Basic Information of Herbicide Glyphosate
Product Name Glyphosate
Other Name TOTAL;TILLER;GLYPHOSATE 62 % IPA SALT;Round up(Monsanto);KERNEL(R);landmaster;ENVISION(R);tumbleweed
CAS No. 1071-83-6
Molecular Weight 169.07  g/mol
Formula C3H8NO5P
Tech & Formulation 95%Glyphosate TCGlyphosate    75.5%  WDGGlyphosate 360g/L SLGlyphosate 480g/L SL

Glyphosate 62% IPA SALT SL

Appearance for TC White powder
Physical and chemical properties Density: 1.68 g/cm³Boiling Point: 465.8 ℃  at 760 mmHgMelting Point: 465.8 ℃EINECS No.:213-997-4

Un no.:3077

Toxicity Be safe to human being, livestock, environment.

Formulation of Glyphosate


TC 95% Glyphosate TC
Powder formulation Glyphosate    75.5%  WDG
Liquid formulation Glyphosate 360g/L SLGlyphosate 480g/L SLGlyphosate 62% IPA SALT SL

Direct Factory Price Glyphosate (8)
Quality Inspection Report

①COA of Glyphosate TC

Glyphosate TC COA
Index name Index value Measured  value
Appearance White to off-white  powder White powder
Assay (%) ≥95.0 95.10
Loss on Drying (%) ≤0.60 0.40
Insoluble matter in water (%) ≤0.10 0.10

②COA of 480G/L Glyphosate IPA SALT SL

480G/L Glyphosate IPA SALT SL COA

Item Index
Content of Glyphosate IPA, %≥ 48.0
Water-Insoluble Substance, %≤ 1.0
PH Value 4.5-6.0
Dilution Stability (20 times ) Qualified
Low-Temperature Stability Qualified
Thermal Storage Stability Qualified
Appearance Colorless Or Light to Gold Yellow Transparent Liquid

③COA of 62% Glyphosate IPA SALT SL

62% Glyphosate IPA SALT SL COA

Item Index
Content of Glyphosate IPA, %≥ 62.0
Water-Insoluble Substance, %≤ 0.1
PH Value 4.5-6.0
Dilution Stability (20 times ) Qualified
Low-Temperature Stability Qualified
Thermal Storage Stability Qualified
Appearance Colorless Or Light to Gold Yellow Transparent Liquid

④COA of 75.7% Glyphosate WDG

75.7% Glyphosate WDG COA

Index name Index value Measured  value
Content (%)                 +1
Suspension rate % ≥90.00 98.50
Wetting time ≤3 min 12s
Mesh Size(Mu) 20-40 32mm
  pH Value 6-9          7.2
Loss on drying (%) ≤1          0.86

Package of Glyphosate

Glyphosate Package

TC 25kg/bag 600kg/bag 1000kg/bag
WDG Big package: 25kg/bag  25kg/drum
Small package 100g/bag250g/bag500g/bag1000g/bag

or as your demand

SL Big package 200L/plastic or Iron drum
Small package 100ml/bottle250ml/bottle500ml/bottle1000ml/bottle


Alu bottle/Coex bottle/HDPE bottle

or as your demand

Note Made according to your demand

Direct Factory Price Glyphosate (9)
Direct Factory Price Glyphosate (10)

Shippment of Glyphosate

Shippment way:by sea/ by air/ by express

Direct Factory Price Glyphosate (5)


Q1: What is the Warranty for the pesticide?
A1:  2 years warranty . If any quality problems on our side occured during this period , we will compensate for the goods or make a replacement.

Q2: How to import pesticides from you ?
A2:  The pesticide should be registered in the Ministry of Agriculture or EPA of local government.  Or there maybe any other special way for you to prompt the importation.

Q3: What’s the diffience between Technical and formulation?
A3: Technical: TC (Technical Grade ), which cannot be used directly and should be formulated as formulation before applying in the field.
Formulation : EC(Emulsifiable concentrate) GR(Granular),SC(Suspension concentrate), SL(Soluble concentrate),     SP(Soluble powder), SG(Water soluble granules),TB(Tablet),  WDG(Water dispersible granules),    WP (Wettable powder), etc.

Q4: How long will it take for the delivery?
A4: When the order and payment is confirmed, quantity of sample is within 100 Kgs and sent by express or by air ,you’ll receive it within 10 Days.
For bulk quantity which is more than 1000 Kgs or 1000 Lts:  it will take roughly 15 days to prepare the cargo and export permission for customs clearance.
South America : Around 40-60 days by sea
Southeast Asia: Around 30 days
Africa:  Around 40 Days
Europe: Around 35 Days







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